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Grease Monkey™ Oil Changes and More!

Grease Monkey™ provides preventive maintenance services including full service oil changes and more for all of your truck, SUV, and car care needs. With each Full Service Oil Change, Grease Monkey™ provides a complete review of the vehicle’s maintenance needs according to the owner’s manual.

Most U.S. Grease Monkey™ locations offer the following services: Air Filter Replacement, Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange, Automatic Transmission Service, Differential Service, Fuel & Emissions System Cleaning, Full Service Oil Change, Light Bulb Replacement, Manual Transmission Service, PCV Valve Replacement, Radiator Flush & Fill, Serpentine Drive Belt Replacement, Transfer Case Service, and Wiper Blade Replacement.

Additional Grease Monkey™ services that may be provided at certain locations include: Air Conditioning, Battery Guard Service, Battery Service, Brake Fluid Flush, Brakes, Cabin Air Filter Replacement, Fuel Filter Replacement, Headlight Restoration, Motorcycles, Nitrogen Tire Service, Power Steering Fluid Flush, Supreme Service Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Wheel Balancing, and Windshield Chip Repair.

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