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Grease Monkey® Oil Changes and More!

Grease Monkey International is the nation's largest independent franchisor of automotive oil change centers serving more than 2 million customers each year with 75% of them being return customers. Our "less hassle, more hustle!" customer experience is part of every signature Grease Monkey® service.

Founded in 1978, and headquartered in Denver Colorado, the Grease Monkey® brand currently has more than 300 centers operating in the United States, Latin America, and China. Grease Monkey Holding Corporation (GMHC), a Utah corporation was the parent of Grease Monkey International (GMI) until December 31, 2013. GMI presently does business under the name Grease Monkey Franchising, LLC and the Grease Monkey® Trademark. GMI is not owned by a major oil company. Being independent means GMI's focus remains on helping customers properly maintain their car or truck, instead of selling a particular brand of oil.

Grease Monkey® oil change includes a 16-point maintenance inspection: Wash Exterior Windows, Vacuum Interior, Check/fill Battery Fluid, Check Air Filter, Check Windshield Wiper Blades, Check Breather Element and PCV Valve, Check/fill Windshield Washer Fluid, Check All Exterior Lights, Check/fill Transmission or Trans-axle Fluid, Check Radiator Level and Test Coolant, Check/fill Power Steering Fluid, Install New Oil Filter, Change Oil (up to 5 quarts), Lubricate Chassis, Check/fill Differential Fluid, Check and Set Tire Pressure.

Grease Monkey® technicians also visually inspect hoses, belts (including drive belts), etc. per your manufacture's scheduled maintenance guide. Some centers provide preventative maintenance services for your natural gas, propane, and electric vehicles.

Our Grease Monkey® Certified Pit Crews offer customers a service experience that is unrivaled in the automotive industry. Our highly trained technicians are certified using our proprietary Grease Monkey® Technician Training & Certification Program. Grease Monkey® certified pit crews offer drivers an exceptional experience, delivered with speed and precision following the "less hassle, more hustle!" mantra.

Most U.S. Grease Monkey® locations offer the following services: Air Filter Replacement, Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange, Automatic Transmission Service, Differential Service, Fuel & Emissions System Cleaning, Full Service Oil Change, Light Bulb Replacement, Manual Transmission Service, PCV Valve Replacement, Radiator Flush & Fill, Serpentine Drive Belt Replacement, Transfer Case Service, and Wiper Blade Replacement.

Additional Grease Monkey® services that may be provided at certain locations include: Air Conditioning, Battery Guard Service, Battery Service, Brake Fluid Flush, Brakes, Cabin Air Filter Replacement, Fuel Filter Replacement, Headlight Restoration, Motorcycles, Nitrogen Tire Service, Power Steering Fluid Flush, Supreme Service Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Wheel Balancing, and Windshield Chip Repair.

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